In the era of digital world, customers expectations from the telecom operators is just not about the connectivity or data but more on services which they get. Considering the great competition, if customer do not get what she wants and when wants, it wont take much of an effort for her to switch to other operators. For Telco operators, the solution to the problem lies in grasping AI and ML and meeting the needs of the customer through unparalleled technology.

Number Theory empowers telecom operators to gain much deeper understanding of individual customer and enables them to engage with their customers through immediate and personalised interactions thus helping manage churn and open up avenues for Cross Sell/Upsell thus not only avoiding the losses but opportunity to ear revenues. Certain pre-built models that Number Theory provides along with ability to build new models at a rapid pace gives Telecom Operators competitive advantage from day 1.


Integrated view of Customer

Fuse structured data such as demographic data, CRM data, product holding data and unstructured data such as clickstream and social data to create an integrated view of customer


Customer Intelligence

Understand each customer preferences uniquely to increase revenue and deepen customer engagement


Cross Sell/Up Sell through Product Recommendation

Product recommendation by uniquely understanding her need and life stage and look out for avenues for Cross Sell/Up Sell


Know your customer’s worth

Understand value of each customer and gain insight of similar prospects. Plan the spends as per the CLV.


Churn Prediction and Management

Separate the loyal customers from the ones who are likely to churn and engage them accordingly


Marketing Strategies

Optimize the marketing strategies with optimum with most optimum channel thus resulting in more focussed approach resulting in better results.


Content and VAS recommendation

Remain engaged with customer by understanding her content choices and by recommending personalized content and VAS.

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