Digitization of retail industry has unveiled new realms and opportunities for the retailers globally. The advent of E-Commerce industry has opened the doors for implementation of advance cutting-edge Machine Learning Algorithms. With personalized experience for the customers, buying experience has now become more interactive with product recommendations and services being more individually targeted. Question is, how confident you are that you understand your customer?

Number Theory empowers retailers and e-commerce players to gain much deeper understanding of individual customer and enables them to engage with their customers through immediate and personalised interactions thus helping build better pricing, inventory management, Customer Service and Marketing strategies. Certain pre-built models that Number Theory provides along with ability to build new models at a rapid pace gives organization competitive advantage from day 1.


Integrated view of Customer

Fuse structured data such as demographic data, CRM data, product holding data and unstructured data such as clickstream and social data to create an integrated view of customer


Customer Intelligence

Understand each customer preferences uniquely to increase revenue and deepen customer engagement


Know your customer’s worth

Understand value of each customer and gain insight of similar prospects


Churn Prediction and Management

Separate the loyal customers from the ones who are likely to churn and engage them accordingly


Marketing Strategies

Optimize the marketing strategies with optimum with most optimum channel thus resulting in more focussed approach resulting in better results.


Product Recommendation

For each customer, calculate product affinities and optimize customer targeting through biography- and affinity-tailored recommendations.


Demand Forecast

Forecast product demand, with confidence thresholds. This will help make accurate pricing decisions, assess future capacity requirements, and ensure customer satisfaction by adapting vendor and distribution logistics.

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