Insurance industry is going through rapid transformation where customer acquisition as well as customer engagement is being facilitated by digital channels. The key challenge and opportunity lies in providing a differentiated experience throughout the customer lifecycle.

Number Theory AI platform for Insurance enables businesses to transform the way marketing, underwriting and claims are done through its data fusion hub, real time streaming capabilities, prebuilt models and through its comprehensive AI workbench.


Integrated view of Customer

Fuse structured data such as demographic data, CRM data, product holding data and unstructured data such as clickstream and social data to create an integrated view of customer


Customer Intelligence

Understand each customer preferences uniquely to increase revenue and deepen customer engagement


Marketing Strategy

Optimize marketing spends across various digital channels to acquire High value customers


Lead Prioritization

Product recommendation by uniquely understanding her need and life stage


Increase revenue

Instant decision on credit applications by fusing and gaining insight from real time context such as clickstream data and social data, as well as structured data such customer demographics, product holding etc


Know your customer’s worth

Understand value of each customer and gain insight of similar prospects


Churn Prediction and Management

Separate the loyal customers from the ones who are likely to churn and engage them accordingly

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