Organizations generate, store and process vast amount of data and constantly looking for ways to monetize it and to use it to differentiate itself from its competition. The greatest thing about data assets is, it has a path dependency and it's for that particular enterprise. That means every enterprise has a unique data journey, far different from its competitors. The real reward lies in harnessing that uniqueness and in unleashing its full potential. It also means charting a course of journey that is considerably faster and superior than your competition. Number Theory Data Advisory service does exactly that, by building the right set of tools, platforms and packages solutions that can enable you chart the most rewarding data journey


Professional services

Our team of experts work with you to make your data monetization platform happen whatever it takes. NT core philosophy is having a cross function team that can look a problem from multiple perspectives and comes up with a holistic solution. It's a team of people who has background in business, data science and computer science and passionate about solving ahead of curve problems.


TCO Builder

Numbers don't Lie.

Want us to help you build RoI and TCO for Enterprise Data Management and AI at scale so you're your business decision based on numbers. Our team is very happy to work with you to help you build a comprehensive RoI and TCO Matrx for you.

NT professional services works on deeper customer team engagement and Agile based delivery approach. The engagement is depicted below.

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Seeing is believing! We are happy to show how Number Theory can bring AI to your business.