The world of Banking is changing rapidly, from brick and mortar to digital engagement, from teller led interaction to self-service and from wealth manager led sales to automated need discovery and product recommendation. This digital engagement is presenting a whole new world of opportunity to understand each customer uniquely, to engage with her in the way most preferable to her and to present her choices that meets her requirements.

Number Theory enables Financial Institutions to understand, engage and grow its customer relationship using its Enterprise AI platform. Number Theory provides pre built Advance AI models and numerous Model templates so that organization reap benefits of AI from day 1.

Use cases


Increase Spends on Cards

Increase spends by predicting a transaction and make the right next best offer


Increase revenue

Recommend the most relevant products from across the available product categories such as Savings, Loans, Investments, insurance and many more


Delinquency Management

Identify risk before customers turn delinquent


Churn Prediction and Management

Separate the loyal customers from the ones who are likely to churn and engage them accordingly


Real time credit decision

Instant decision on credit applications by fusing and gaining insight from real time context such as clickstream data and social data, as well as structured data such customer demographics, product holding etc


Customer Lifetime Value

Find out the customers and prospects who will help you grow your business

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